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Sunday, 29 November 2015

BULK BILLING AVAILABLE *(conditions apply)  LOCAL GOLD COAST, MIAMI, QUEENSLAND - Sheree Holland, Principal/Psychologist at Affirmative Psychology was born

on the Gold Coast.  She has qualifications in: Double Degree conferred from Griffith University (Gold Coast) in Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Bachelor of Business (majoring HR); and Post Graduate qualification in Psychology.  Interestingly, her parents ran a Foursquare store in Ferry Road (when it was mostly gravel and there was lots of tea trees and scrubby bush) before we left for England. 

Foursquare, and other business websites aid small businesses to develop an online presence as a virtual shopfront to attract potential customers and to promote your business


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Affirmative Psychology and Sheree Holland Psychologist/Principal (Oz Top 21 Psychologist profiles on LinkedIn)

Sheree Holland
Affirmative Psychology - "affirming the individual's unique worth and value".  This "niche" private psychology practice has the capacity to BULK BILL clientele (conditions apply*)  Affirmative Psychology was initially established by Sheree Holland, Psychologist/Principal at Miami so that the wider community who may be marginalized would have easier access to quality mental health care services.  Thus enabling them to become more of "the expert in their own life".

Sheree takes a keen interest in workplace bullying, and is a strong advocate in relation to strengths based training, resilience and positive psychology.  She believes in the human potential, and is curious about neuroplasticity and it's implications if we "fire to rewire our brains".  This promising area in neuroscience crosses into the area of psychology with important and relevant ideas with respect to treatment.  It also challenges the idea that "you can't teach an old new tricks!"  Well, I guess that depends on the dog ......

Top Psychologist Profiles LinkedIn - Sheree Holland, Psychologist/Principal @ Affirmative Psychology

You can take a sneek-peak at my LinkedIn profile by utilising the link below.


Affirmative Psychologist is a "niche" private psychology practice capable of BULK BILLING clientele (conditions apply*).  Sheree Holland is the Psychologist/Principal at Affirmative Psychology which was established so that the wider community were more easily able to access quality mental health care and services.  Centrally located at Miami, Qld. (on the Southern GC near the iconic "Miami Marketta") Affirmative Psychology is wheel chair friendly, with some on-site and free off-street parking available.

Affirmative Psychology is positioned to aid clients to become "the expert in their own life".  Affirmative Psychology "affirming the individual's unique worth and value".

Monday, 9 November 2015

AFFIRMATIVE  PSYCHOLOGY  - "affirming the individual's unique worth and value"

A "niche" private psychology practice at Miami on the southern end of the GC.  This practice is capable of BULK BILLING clientele (conditions apply*).  Services are tailored towards ages from 11years through to Seniors, for a variety of mental health concerns and presentations.  Specialising in:  workplace bullying;  preferred provider for employee assistance programs; mindfulness skills training.  Treatments for:  anxiety; depression; mood and adjustment disorders; trauma; stress and relaxation skills training interpersonal/relationship issues; pain management; self esteem skills/confidence building; social anxiety; phobias; panic attacks; cancer support etc. 
                                                                                                                                  Sheree Holland
                                                                                                                                  Psychologist and

Centrally  located near the "Miami Marketta" at 17-19 Oak Avenue, Miami, Gold Coast.  (Turn just before the Shell Service Station  at Miami, directly opposite the Miami High School).  Consultations are by prior appointment only,   Telephone:  07 55350840.

As an expert author on Sooper Articles, Sheree Holland Psychologist/Principal has attached the link to a pertinent article I wrote with respect to workplace bullying entitled "Workplace Bullying: The Elephant in the Room".  I hope you find it both useful and helpful with some suggested strategies at the conclusion of the article.


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Guys! - Going from "0" to HERO

Sheree Holland, Psychologist/Principal @ Affirmative Psychology has the capacity to BULK BILL clientele (conditions apply*).

Many clients may require treatment for anxiety, depression, relationship/interpersonal issues, self confidence, or other disorders including adjustment disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, stress and vocational issues. 

The Zero to Hero program requires more from yourself and is directed towards you becoming "the expert in your own life".  This is a specifically tailored therapy aimed at the individual, their life circumstances, and is an experiential process. 

If you are intrigued and interested going forward in going from ZERO to HERO, you can contact Sheree on 07 55350840.  If I am engaged in a consultation or if it is outside of office hours or a public holiday I can receive a message on the answering machine.  I will contact you within a 24 hour period where practicable.