Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Affirmative Psychology and Sheree Holland Psychologist/Principal (Oz Top 21 Psychologist profiles on LinkedIn)
Sheree Holland
Affirmative Psychology - "affirming the individual's unique worth and value".  This "niche" private psychology practice has the capacity to BULK BILL clientele (conditions apply*)  Affirmative Psychology was initially established by Sheree Holland, Psychologist/Principal at Miami so that the wider community who may be marginalized would have easier access to quality mental health care services.  Thus enabling them to become more of "the expert in their own life".

Sheree takes a keen interest in workplace bullying, and is a strong advocate in relation to strengths based training, resilience and positive psychology.  She believes in the human potential, and is curious about neuroplasticity and it's implications if we "fire to rewire our brains".  This promising area in neuroscience crosses into the area of psychology with important and relevant ideas with respect to treatment.  It also challenges the idea that "you can't teach an old new tricks!"  Well, I guess that depends on the dog ......

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