Thursday, 8 October 2015

"Shrink the shrink" - busting the stigma around seeing a Psychologist

Sheree Holland is the Psychologist/Principal at Affirmative Psychology who established this "niche" private psychology practice at Miami on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Seeking treatment and therapy is an act of courage, and shows that you are being proactive in taking positive steps towards gaining insight, valuable tools, skills training, psycho-education .... that you can then fold into your life.  Clients may experience improved and enhanced psychological well-being; revitalised interpersonal relationships; raised self confidence; and feel more purposeful and goal-directed in their behaviour and attitude.  However, many people (frequently males) feel that they may be judged, criticised, mocked, or stigmatized by seeing a Psychologist.  The clients may then suffer in silence, repress their feelings, or stress-roll their anger onto other people and affect intimate and interpersonal relationships across both the home and the work environments.

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